Element Facials

These Tula Spa exclusive facials were thoughtfully curated with the four natural elements in mind. They harness the magic of nature while exploring new technologies and products. These facials are excellent for every skin type and are customized to your unique needs. We hope you enjoy our latest creations! 


earth facial





Good for Sensitive Skin

CBD + Gua Sha + Organic Foot Scrub

In this Element, we will focus on renewing the skin with natural goodness right from the Earth. Your Esthetician will select which magically effective CBD skin products are best suited for your skin's specific needs. CBD is known for it ability to calm inflammation, as well as boost those cells with omegas. This element also includes facial Gua Sha. This is a painless technique that leaves your skin feeling warm and tingly, increasing blood flow and detoxification. Last but not least, we will melt away tension with our Organic Foot Scrub. This element is made in house with fair-trade sugar and organic essential oils. Gentle massage and acupressure along with hot towels will conclude this divine service and put you in a blissful state. 

75 Minutes | $155

fire element facial tula spa minneapolis

fire facial



improves signs of aging




High Frequency + LED Light Treatment + Fruit Peel + Jelly Mask

This Element Facial will harness the power of fire and light. High Frequency not only stimulates the renewal of skin cells, it also warms the skin tissues so that our organic skin care products may penetrate deeper and become absorbed more effectively. LED Light Therapy is another amazing tool that we utilize. This device boosts collagen levels, reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, calms inflammation which is ideal when treating acne. Lastly, we will select the perfect deliciously organic Fruit Peel for your unique skins needs. Our peels work well for many skin conditions like: Acne Oily, Congested, Sun-damaged, Pigmented, Mature, Dry, Dull, Aging Skin, and Sagging skin. Turn back the clock with the power of premium fruit acids and enzymes. Your Esthetician will choose a peel the is ideal for your specific concerns for instant results. 

75 Minutes | $165

air element facial tula spa minneapolis

air facial


revitalizing tired & damaged skin

vitamin infusion

immune support

increases blood circulation

improves signs of aging


Hyperbaric Oxygen dome + Facial Cupping + LED Therapy + Bubble Mask

In this Element, we utilize Hollywood's best kept secret! This one-of-a-kind Dome generates the amount of anion (negative anion) by 3 million more than natural production. Anions are vitamins from the air, similar to what you would get taking a deep breath in a lush forest. This magical dome will induce and stabilize free-radicals which in turn regenerate NEW healthy cells, increase collagen induction, reduce bacteria and heal acne, re-balance PH levels, suppress photo damage, and improve signs of aging by correcting and healing damaged cells. We will also utilize our Anion Oxygen air gun to mist our deliciously organic products while anion air flow assists with absorption and glow! Our Air Element Facial also includes Facial Cupping! Facial cupping is not like body cupping, as your Esthetician will constantly move these cups. Facial cupping is known to promote blood and lymph circulation, as well as pull any toxins from deep in the epidermis, all while relaxing your facial muscles! You will walk away with a beautiful rosy glow!

75 Minutes | $185

water element facial tula spa minneapolis

water facial









Hydro Exfoliation + Radio Frequency + LED + Fruit Peel + Jelly Mask

In this Element we will harness the power of Water. We will purify the skin with the technology of hydro-dermabrasion!  We will extract, exfoliate and infuse with the power of water. Our Hydro device is gentle on the skin, while giving immediate results! After your hydro glow, your skilled Esthetician will select the best organic skin care moisturizers and serums for your unique skins needs. We will then utilize our Radio Frequency device which will warm the skin allowing for optimal product penetration. Radio Frequency is also known to induce collagen, leaving you with glowing, hydrated and youthful skin.

75 Minutes | $195

four elements facial tula spa minneapolis

four element facial (Ultimate)




improves signs of aging

good for all skin types

Hyperbaric Oxygen Dome + LED/High Frequency + Fruit Peel/CBD + Hydro Exfoliation + Radio Frequency

Our 4 Elements Facial includes the best of the best when it comes to effective collagen-boosting equipment, top of the line organic skin products, as well as many glorious and relaxing add-ons! 
This is truly the Ultimate Tula Facial, and as always we customize to your specific skins needs. This treatment includes anti-aging technology and collagen inducing solutions, such as our Hyperbaric Anion Oxygen System, Hydro Exfoliation & Infusion, LED, High-Frequency & Radio-Frequency! We will select the top of the line organic skin care products that are specific to your skin's needs, which will be gently infused deeply into your skin for that long-lasting glow! We will also utilize ultrasonic technologies that are safe and non-evasive to gently assist with extractions as well as penetrating our organic products deeper into the skin for maximum hydration.

90 Minutes | $225