— Energy Services —

Our Energy Practitioners use Reiki to heal as it is a gentle and non-invasive therapeutic approach to health, healing, and balance.


Reiki Energy Session

The soothing and nourishing nature of energy work helps to clear, balance, and energize the human energy system, thus promoting physical, emotional, mental, and energetic healing. Our Energy Sessions take place in one of our serene treatment rooms, while lying comfortably on a massage table, fully clothed, with blankets and pillows. Practitioners may use their hands with light or near-body touch. During a session, the energy of your body becomes more balanced, and is better able to release stress, leading to a more relaxed state of being. It is said that energy work opens and aligns the chakras, assists with healing and promotes balance within.

60 minutes | $75 + tax

crystal energy facial

Elevate your skin care experience. A unique experience that combines Energy work (Reiki), with healing chakra crystals, essential oils, and our glowing organic facial with a custom clay & crystal mask that is specifically selected for your chakra needs.

These 90-minutes are completely about the self. Starting with intention, moving to chakra stones to assist with clearing and centering, followed by Reiki to cleanse and balance, concluding with an organic facial that will leave you centered, and glowing! Once the session is complete, we will conclude with an Oracle Card, and as a closing gift you will be given a crystal specific to the Chakra that is most in need of healing/balance.

90 Minutes | $150

energy massage

This 90-minute treatment includes an hour-long massage and 30 minutes of energy work (Reiki). Your practitioner will discuss with you your intentions for energy work and massage before the session. Each practitioner is different in how they approach energy work so it’s hard to say how you will experience your session. Some of us practice a “hands-on” approach and others are “hands-off”. We will work with you and various readings to determine the condition of your chakras and auric field, perform 30 minutes of energy treatment and 60 minutes of massage. This treatment works to balance your chakras and any of your stuck energy.

Leave with a small gift intended to act as a gentle reminder to live mindfully (and with intention) and to listen to your intuition.