— Skincare Services —


Each of our facials include our 10-Step Facial Protocol (see below) and we customize all of our services to fit your skin goals and concerns. We only use organic, natural and conscious skin care products with a preference towards glass and compostable packaging.

We recommended monthly facials for optimal results.

Vegan and gluten free products are available. Just ask! 

skin services

Tula’s 10-Step Facial Protocol

— Included in All Our 60+ Minute Facials —

  1. Skin Consultation

  2. Double Cleansing

  3. Exfoliation

  4. Extractions (if needed)

  5. Facial Massage + select Massage

  6. Mask

  7. Toner

  8. Serum Infusion

  9. Moisturizer

  10. Jade Rolling



— Basic Facials —


10-step protocol


all skin types


$10 off for New Clients

Perfect for facial newbies!

This is our basic, signature Organic Facial - completely customizable for your skin type, skin concerns and goals. Your Esthetician will perform a skin analysis during your appointment, and select specific products during your service that will benefit your skin the most. It is therefore a perfect fit for every client looking for a simple and non-invasive facial.

Formerly known as Organic Goddess Facial and Organic Gentleman’s Facial.


60 MINUTES | $100

($90 for new clients when you book as “Welcome Facial”)



30 Minutes

All skin types

perfect for on the go


This facial is basically our Tula Facial compressed into 30 minutes. Perfect for those that don’t have the time to commit to an hour, but want to get in quickly. Results focused, minimal massage.


30 minutes | $65

— Special Facials —

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tula spa minneapolis wellness holistic

10-step protocol + reiki energy work + crystals






We use chakra stones to assist with clearing and centering, Reiki to cleanse and balance, and end with an organic facial to leave you centered and glowing!

We conclude with an Oracle Card and a small crystal to take home for your continuing journey.


90 minutes | $150

diamond tula facial minneapolis organic spa

10-step protocol + microdermabrasion



softens fine lines

reduces scarring

evens skin tone & texture

Microdermabrasion stimulates new growth of fresh, younger, brighter-looking skin as well as releasing higher levels of elastin and collagen resulting in the smoothing out of the skin’s overall texture, color, and appearance.  

Not recommended for those with conditions including active keloids or warts (within the face and neck). We also do not recommend microdermabrasion while pregnant.


60 MINUTES | $125

tula spa minneapolis pure mama facial

10-step protocol + pregnancy safe products/treatments


all skin types

pregnancy safe Products

customized for prenatal skin

relaxing mama time

We understand that changes to your skin can happen during pregnancy and we want to help!

Our Pure Mama Facial is as described … Pure! It was designed with our purest ingredients and methods, which are 100% safe during pregnancy. This facial is customized to keep you Mamas glowing throughout your pregnancy!


45 MINUTES | $75

tula spa minneapolis holistic acne treatment

LED light + High Frequency + acne-specific products


fights acne bacteria

soothes inflammation

removes impurities

reduces breakouts

Specifically designed for treating acne, this treatment includes acne specific products, LED, and High Frequency which will assist in killing acne causing bacteria, while soothing inflammation.

This treatment has optimal results when clients come in every 3 weeks.


45 MINUTES | $75

herbal back treatment

cleanse + exfoliation + massage + clay mask






Our custom Herbal Back Facial is a relaxing body treatment designed specifically for treating back acne, or simply for those who are looking for a calming body treatment.

Includes rosemary & peppermint double-cleanse, organic exfoliation, soothing massage, herbal detox mask, and nourishing moisturizer.


45 MINUTES | $75


— Element Facials —

tula spa mn organic
tula spa element facials mpls
tula spa minneapolis
tula spa organic facials
tula spa earth facial minneapolis elements

10-step protocol + dermafile + CBD products + Gua Sha


lymphatic drainage

natural facial contouring

polishing & resurfacing


In this Element, we utilize several natural products and tools inspired by the Earth, starting with a Dermafile treatment. This is a gentle skin polishing and resurfacing tool used to slough off dull skin, promoting a youthful glow.

We will utilize CBD products in both skin care and massage. CBD is known for its ability to calm the body and the skin, and assists with signs of aging.

Lastly, we incorporate Gua Sha, an ancient Chinese healing technique that is used for facial contouring, increasing blood flow, and promoting lymphatic drainage.


75 minutes | $155

IMG_0137 2.jpg

10-step protocol + Hyperbaric Oxygen + Facial Cupping + Bubble Mask





Good for anti-AGING

In this Element, we harness the power of air by utilizing a one-of-a-kind Hyperbaric Oxygen Dome & Air Brush serum infusion. These devices create anions, which are vitamins from the air. Anions regenerate NEW healthy cells, increase collagen induction, reduce bacteria, heal acne, and improve signs of aging.

We also utilize Facial cupping, which is known to promote blood and lymph circulation, as well as help pull out toxins in the skin, while relaxing your facial muscles!

You will walk away with a beautiful glow!


75 minutes | $185


10-step protocol + Fruit Peel + High Frequency + LED Light treatment + Jelly Mask





Good for acne

This Element Facial will harness the power of fire and light.

An organic Fruit Peel will be selected for your unique skins needs. Our peels work well for many skin conditions such as: blemished, congested, sun-damaged, pigmented, mature, and dry skin.

High Frequency and LED will assist in killing acne causing bacteria, stimulate the renewal of skin cells, and soothe inflammation.

Also included is a Jelly Mask which goes over your whole face and hardens to a putty texture, locking in moisture and further promoting the results specific to your needs.


75 MINUTES | $165

tula spa minneapolis water facial

10-step protocol + Hydro Exfoliation + LED light treatment + Jelly Mask




improves skin texture


In this Element we will harness the power of Water. Hydro-exfoliation extracts, exfoliates and infuses a serum specifically chosen for your skin needs.

We also use LED, which will assist in killing acne causing bacteria, stimulate the renewal of skin cells, and soothe inflammation.

Also included is a Jelly Mask which goes over your whole face and hardens to a putty texture, locking in moisture and further promoting the results specific to your needs.


75 MINUTES | $195

tula spa minneapolis four element facial

10-step protocol + Hyperbaric Oxygen + LED/High Frequency + CBD products + Hydro Exfoliation


CLEARING & healing

Hydrating & Brightening

Resurfacing & Anti-AGING


Our Four Element Facial includes the best of all of our Element Facials combined.

This is truly the Ultimate Tula Facial. This facial treatment includes anti-aging technology, collagen inducing solutions, acne-fighting technology, and soothing, hydrating products, getting to the core of all skin concerns.


90 MINUTES | $225


— Facial Add-Ons —

foot reflexology

Customized foot reflexology, extra tension-melting hot towels, and an additional 30 minutes of pampering! Reflexology is a great way to access healing in parts of the body that may be too delicate or sensitive to work on manually with massage. Great for surgery recovery, joint pain, chronic and internal pain.

This treatment is not a stand-alone service and must be booked alongside a facial of your choosing.

30 extra minutes | $40

tula spa organic scalp treatment minneapolis

Organic oils are blended, warmed, then massaged onto the scalp and through your hair. Extra hot towels with focus on specific acupressure points make this add-on a purely luxurious experience! You will leave this session with conditioned and oily hair.

This treatment is not a stand-alone service and must be booked alongside a facial of your choosing.

15 extra minutes | $25

with high frequency | 20 extra minutes | $30