Gift Guide #1 | For that Low-Waste Friend


We’ve teamed up with our friends at The Foundry Home Goods across the street to bring you a few collaborative gift guides this holiday season. Our little corner at 48th & Grand in Southwest Minneapolis has a lovely bunch of boutiques that are perfect for satisfying anyone on your gift list this season.

First up, let’s talk about gifts for all the eco-friendly, zero waste, low waste, low impact (etc, etc) friends and family members we might have. We love them (we are them!) and here we are showing you what WE’D like for the holidays!


Dot Cup | $34

from Tula Spa

We absolutely love our Dot menstrual cups here at Tula. They last for years, prevent so much waste and water pollution, and are very comfortable and convenient. If you know someone who’s thinking about making the switch, Dot Cups are the way to go. For every cup sold, they give one to a woman in need through their partner World Vision.

Orgaid Sheet Mask Multi-Pack | $33

from Tula Spa

Orgaid is the only US manufacturer of organic sheet masks, and guess what … they’re compostable! Each sheet is made of natural materials and is completely compostable. We love this Multi-Pack because they contain two of each of their three masks - six total; Revitalize, Nourish, and Moisture. Also available as individuals and 4-packs of each type.

Lanna Body Roller | $58-118

from Tula Spa

These body rollers are fully compostable, fair-trade, and handmade. We love these beauties SO MUCH. Investing in these one-of-a-kind, all-natural body rollers is truly a gift. Body rollers are loved by many, typically made of plastic, great for those with back-neck-hip-leg-any pain! They’re great for yoga lovers, or those wanting to extend their time between massage or chiropractic appointments.

Stainless Steel Sandwich Box | $10-20

from the foundry

These two-layer sandwich boxes follow in the steps of the very handy bento box and Indian tiffin. Wonderful for bringing food from home or even getting take-out, every low-waster wants one, I promise.

Organic Wool Dryer Ball | $5 each

from the foundry

These guys are essential for saying "‘good-bye!’ to toxic dryer sheets. Toss a few in the dryer for shorter drying times and static elimination! “Made of organic wool, they are gentle on your clothes while working hard. They won’t shrink or run out of fluffing power so use them again and again… If you want a light scent, drop a little bit of essential oil onto the dryer balls,” says The Foundry.

Handmade Rubber Bristle Lint Brush | $24

from the foundry

For a long time I thought I would be destined to a life of dog-hair covered clothes if I wanted to stop using the wasteful sticky lint rollers. Enter the rubber-bristle lint brush! This is a great gift for your friends who love a practical gift. As with many waste alternatives, these will also save you money in the long run. Buy something once and use it forever!

Marseille Olive Oil All-Purpose Soap | $8

from the foundry

All the rage right now, these traditional French soap blocks are great at the kitchen sink, in your laundry room, or in the bathroom. Anywhere! In my kitchen, we rub our natural-bristled dish brush right on the soap block — no need for liquid soap anymore! It cleans perfectly, is biodegradable, and doesn’t leave residue.

Le Parfait Jar | $11

from the foundry

Every low-waster loves a good jar. My favorite are flip top jars like these, which include virtually no plastic — the seal is rubber! For an extra-special gift, fill it with a homemade tea blend, sugar scrub, bulk-bin-bought candy, or herb-infused honey! We love when packaging is part of the gift!

Too Good To Waste book by Victoria Glass | $20

from the foundry

This lovely book will help you to reimagine your leftovers. Can you extract every last edible drop from your ingredients in order to save them from your compost bin? From herb oils to pickled blueberries, pumpkin seed brittle to preserved post-lemonade lemons, this book is a beautiful guide to brilliantly repurposing the odds and ends we might have otherwise tossed in the bin.


Erika Larson is a massage therapist and Reiki practitioner at Tula Spa as well as resident recycling fanatic. Look for more gift guides from her in the coming weeks!