Gift Guide #2 | For your Practical Dad


This really needn’t be a gift guide for a stereotypical “dad” per se, but for anyone with a need for practicality, a penchant for hard days and easy nights, a strong dislike of dull knives, and a desire for comfort. Really, all these gifts could be for me!

Once again, we’ve stolen some of our favorite things from The Foundry Home Goods across the street from us at 48th & Grand Ave in SW Minneapolis and created a lil joint neighborhood gift guide. There’s only a tiny bit of time til the last of this season’s gift-giving holidays are upon us, so hurry on over!


Organic Flax Neck Pillow | $25

from Tula

These can be popped in the freezer or heated up in the microwave. Great for neck, shoulder or low back pain, situate this pack anywhere you hurt! Made with organic flax seed, these will last for years — just don’t get it wet or the flax will sprout!

Organic Muscle Rub | $5.99

from Tula

Our organic muscle rub sticks are made with beeswax, hemp seed oil, menthol crystals and an essential oil blend perfect for inflamed and achy muscles. Grab it and go!

Orgaid Sheet Mask Single | $6

from Tula

This may surprise you but … men love being pampered! A single sheet mask in his stocking will not only garner a laugh but a guilty pleasure in the making. Each sheet is made of natural materials and is completely compostable. Also available as a Multi-Pack and 4-packs of each type.

German Goat Hair Laptop Brush | $16

from the Foundry

“The stiff-ish black bristles are firm enough to clean mysterious grime off your keyboard without scratching, while the white, anti-static goat hair bristles are whisper soft - ideal for gently dusting your screen. The beech handle folds up into a compact size, perfect for desk drawer or briefcase.”

Natural Knife Sharpening Stone in Wooden Box | $42

from the foundry

This natural knife-sharpening stone comes from Solsona, Spain where they’ve been making knives and blades for hundreds of years. So sexy.

Natural Swedish Soap-on-a-Rope | $12

from the foundry

If this isn’t the most perfect stocking stuffer, I don’t know what is. It’s practical. It hangs on things. It doesn’t sit in water and get goopy. It cleans things. Perfect. (Also, it’s handmade in small batches with natural ingredients - facts I know all dads care about.)

Traditional Highland Tartan Throw | $86

from the foundry

Straight from the U.K., these beautiful wool family tartan throws are a wonderful lap blanket. It’s practically made for snuggling with kids and grandkids, or for wrapping up in as you drive around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights with the fam.

Stainless Steel Pocket Knife with Boxwood Handle | $56

from the foundry

Everyone needs a pocket knife (just don’t forget to leave yours at home when you go to the airport - sadly, I’m speaking from experience here) but why not have this heirloom knife that’s been handmade in Spain be the one you pass on to the next generation?

Erika LarsonComment