—Seasonal Services— 


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Refresh Body Treatment

For a completely uplifting whole body detox, try our newest seasonal massage, the Refresh Body Treatment. Shed your winter skin, awaken your strength, and jumpstart detoxification with this 90-minute massage and body treatment! 

We will start with a full body exfoliation that will stimulate your lymphatic system to allow for detoxification, as well as slough that dull winter skin. This service will also include silicone cupping, which gently balances chi and revitalizes your muscles by removing toxins and stagnant particles. We’ll continue with a gentle chilled jade treatment which revitalizes vascular blood flow and awaken your muscles for Spring! This massage and body treatment concludes with an organic foot scrub that will leave those dry and calloused tootsies sandal ready! This treatment is like a “spring cleaning” for your mind as well as body.

We have partnered with WholeSum Kitchen again this year! 

90-minute massage + Body Exfoliation + Cupping + Chilled Jade Treatment + Foot Scrub + Fresh Juice

90 minutes | $165 + tax

Purify Facial

Welcome to our newest creation! We will be sharing our NEW skin care line as well as a NEW skin care device with this organically indulgent Spring Facial!

In this facial we will utilize our new CBD skincare line (Kana), as well as some pure skin goodness from Among the Flowers that smells like fresh flowers to get out of the winter blahs. 

Our Kana facial oil contains omega fatty acids, hemp phytocannabinoid, and plant based oil blends that your skin will just soak right up, this along with the smooth Serum which highlights CBD + EPF (Epidermal Growth Factor) to bring a fresh glow, and lastly, the delectable masks which smooth fine lines and brighten your skin. Beyond all the organic yumminess for your skin, we will also be unveiling our newest facial tool... the hydro exfoliating machine! This device will not only exfoliate your skin but will also infuse our CBD products deeper into your skin! This service will also include the bonus of radio frequency which will assist with inducing collagen production. Our spring facial concludes with our signature chilled jade roller. You will walk out of this 75-minute treatment with a new skin-loving glow!

We have partnered with WholeSum Kitchen again this year! 

75-minute facial + CBD Skin + Hydro Exfoliation + Radio Frequency + Fresh Juice

75 minutes | $165