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We only use organic, natural and conscious skin care products. We take the most holistic approach to treating the source of skin conditions using non-harmful, natural and organic ingredients. Well versed in the latest holistic approaches to aging, rosacea, acne, pigmentation, dryness, scarring, enlarged pores, capillaries, eczema, psoriasis, thin skin and more, your Esthetician will work with you to develop a plan and give you the tools that will guide you each step of the way, leading your skin to its optimal state. All of our facials are 100% synthetic chemical free, formulated with ingredients that are sourced only organic, natural, and wild-crafted.

Vegan products are available for a plant-based facial.

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organic goddess facial

This facial is customized for you by your Esthetician following a skin analysis during your appointment and therefore is a perfect fit for every client! Oily, dry, acne-prone, aging skin - come one, come all! This is our generic facial - but includes everything you could want! Cleansing, exfoliation, toning, masks, cremes, and extractions are all included. Feel free to continue customizing this facial with any of our add-ons!

Ultrasonic Infusion/Exfoliation will also be included in this 60-minute facial. Ultrasonic; a cutting-edge device using low frequency sound waves for safe, non-invasive exfoliation and product penetration, significantly enhancing results. This device is safe for all skin conditions including aging skin, wrinkles, acne, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation.

You will also enjoy aromatherapy arm/hand/neck/shoulder/scalp massage and warm neck towel. This treatment will leave you relaxed and glowing!

 60 Minutes | $100 (new client price: $90 - book as “welcome facial”)

organic gentleman’s facial

With men’s skin in mind, this gentle yet corrective service utilizes our organic skin care lines, which have been formulated with organic, wild-crafted, and natural ingredients. This service provides a deep-pore cleanse, exfoliation of dead skin cells, and removal of impacted pores. Ultrasonic Infusion and Exfoliation will be included in this 60-minute Facial. Also enjoy aromatherapy arm/hand/neck/shoulder massage, and chilled ice globe application to assist with cell renewal and reduce puffiness.

Have a beard? We will massage with our natural beard oil to hydrate and soften that hidden area that could use a little moisture boost!

60 Minutes | $100 (new client price: $90)

crystal energy facial

Elevate your skin care experience. A unique experience that combines Energy work (Reiki), with healing chakra crystals, essential oils, and our glowing organic facial with a custom clay & crystal mask that is specifically selected for your chakra needs.

These 90-minutes are completely about the self. Starting with intention, moving to chakra stones to assist with clearing and centering, followed by Reiki to cleanse and balance, concluding with an organic facial that will leave you centered, and glowing! Once the session is complete, we will conclude with an Oracle Card, and as a closing gift you will be given a crystal specific to the Chakra that is most in need of healing/balance.

90 MINUTES | $150

diamond goddess facial

with microdermabrasion

An excellent option for those looking to assist with minor skin imperfections such as uneven skin pigmentation, clogged pores, acne, blackheads, fine lines, minor scars and age spots. Microderabrasion encourages skin exfoliation and allows for better stimulation of blood circulation to promote fast skin rejuvenation. 

The abrasive impact of the microdermabrasion instrument removes the dry, dead skin cells and impurities, which also stimulates the new growth of fresh, younger, brighter-looking skin. Through this procedure, higher levels of elastin and collagen are released, which results in the smoothing out of the skin’s overall texture, color, and appearance.  

Please note that this treatment is not recommended for those with conditions including active keloids or warts (within the face and neck). We also do not recommend microdermabraision while pregnant. 

This treatment will leave your skin fresh and glowing… naturally!

60 Minutes | $125

express facial

This 30 minute treatment refreshes tired, dull skin and is customized to suit all skin conditions.  This facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, treatment mask, massage, and hydration.

30 Minutes | $65

Pure mama facial

Pregnancy is a glorious time of celebration and life. Sometimes our bodies have a different reaction, and at Tula, we understand that changes can happen during this special time, but we can help!

Our Earth Mama Facial is as described… as it was designed with our purest ingredients and methods that are 100% safe during pregnancy. This facial is a Tula exclusive as it is customized to keep you Mamas glowing through your entire pregnancy!

A relaxing indulgence that includes arm/hand/shoulder/neck/face/scalp massage that will replenish the skin and the soul.

45 Minutes | $75

holistic acne treatment

Finally… a truly effective and holistic acne treatment for teens and adults alike!

This holistic skin treatment includes our safe and organic skin care products that are specifically designed for treating Acne, as well as our LightStim (LED) device that has Red and Blue LED lights which penetrate deep into the skin to start a chemical reaction to destroy acne at its source. The heat intensifies the process and gently opens the pores to release the clog and soothe inflammation.

This treatment has optimal results when clients come in every 3 weeks.

Facial includes a deep pore cleanse, acne specific mask, extractions, LED or High Frequency Therapy, and a healing creme or purifying facial moisturizer oil made specially for acne prone skin.

45 MINUTES | $75

herbal back treatment

This 45-minute treatment includes all organic skin care goodness! Our custom Organic Herbal Back Facial which includes rosemary & peppermint double-cleanse, cinnamon and turmeric warming exfoliation, light massage, our custom clay mask with chamomile and lavender which will pull impurities as it calms the skin and lastly a delectable body butter to lock in moisture.

This experience includes delectable hot towels to assist with cleansing toxins, all while sending you to a state of tranquil bliss.

45 Minutes | $75

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four element facials


These Tula Spa exclusive facials were thoughtfully curated with the natural elements in mind. They harness the magic of each natural element while exploring new technologies and products.

Click here for descriptions of these five new premium facials.


Facial Add-on Options —


Foot reflexology | $40 | 30 extra minutes

Customized foot reflexology, extra tension-melting hot towels, and an additional 30 minutes of pampering! Reflexology is a great way to access healing in parts of the body that may be too delicate or sensitive to work on manually with massage. Great for surgery recovery, joint pain, chronic and internal pain.

Organic Scalp Treatment | $25 | 15 extra minutes

Organic oils are blended, warmed, then massaged onto the scalp and through your hair. Extra hot towels with focus on specific acupressure points make this add-on a purely luxurious experience! You will leave this session with conditioned and oily hair.

with high frequency — $35 | 20 minutes