Yoni Steaming

Here at Tula we have done our research and selected an amazingly knowledgeable woman to create our organic yoni steam blends. Rochelle has been creating these organic and healing blends, and teaching women the benefits of Yoni Steaming for many years. She has created several unique blends that assist with several areas from fertility to overall womb health.

Yoni Steaming assists in creating a healthier cycle and a more centered, connected and empowered woman. Be sure to read our “Before Yoni Steaming” page for FAQs and more information before you schedule your appointment!

The moist heat of the steam bath is good medicine for the feminine body as it supports and softens the womb and the surrounding tissues, increases blood flow in the pelvic bowl and supports the uterus in releasing old stagnant blood. Steams can assist in healing a wide variety of gynecological issues. They are very effective at enhancing fertility and assisting in postpartum recovery.

These blends of organic and medicinal herbs are known to assist with menstrual discomfort and disorders, improve and increase fertility, treat uterine fibroids, cysts, prolapse, endometriosis, and hemorrhoids, speed healing postnatal, assist with chronic yeast infection, relieve menopause symptoms, rids body of toxins and relieves stress.

A trained Practitioner will go through an intake with you and inform you what you can expect in a session. You will then be left in privacy in one of our calming treatment rooms during your session. We recommend bringing a book or taking the time to meditate with one of our guided meditations, while leaving your phone on silence for maximum results.

30 Minutes | $45 + tax

Lash tint

Darken and enhance your natural lashes with a vegetable dye that lasts for weeks!  Great for those with sensitive eyes, active in sports, or no time to apply makeup.  Zero wasters and water lovers also adore this service!

Lash tint | $25

brow tint

Great to pair with your custom brow shape, our brow tints are custom blended so you’ll have the exact brow color you desire. Lasting two to three weeks, our brow tints are great for active people, those wanting to avoid wearing makeup, or really, anyone!

Brow tint | $20

A full hour to indulge in a luxurious foot treatment that benefits the whole body! Organic sugar scrub, hot towels and customized foot reflexology make up this luxurious service. Your feet will thank you! A 30-minute version is available as a massage add-on for $35.

60 minutes | $75 + tax

foot reflexology

salt cave chair massage

Tula Spa has partnered with The Salt Cave of Minnesota!

We are available to perform Chair Massages while clients relax during their Salt Cave session. Your massage therapist can use Swedish massage techniques as well as deep tissue and trigger point. Chair Massages are an excellent way to get to trouble areas in the back with a shorter amount of time. The goal of adding a massage to your Salt Cave Session is that clients will feel even more quickly relaxed as they absorb all of the benefits that the Salt Cave has to offer. Please call the Salt Cave prior to Tula Spa to arrange your session (612-567-2587) then check with us for availability. We recommend planning at least two weeks in advance to ensure availability.

$1.50/minute + tax with a 15 minute minimum

mobile massage

Whether it is a Corporate Event, on the Set of Film/TV, or Ladies Spa Night, please see Tula’s list of travel options and instructions for scheduling your Spa time below!

Mobile Massage: Whether it’s a corporate event with Chair Massages where clients are seated fully clothed in a specially-designed portable chair, or a Bed Massage in which we come to you with all of our signature massages listed here, we are happy to assist you with creating a mobile massage that suits you!

Film & TV: Beyond our vast in-house spa menu offered at our location (10 minutes from downtown Minneapolis, 15 minutes from downtown Saint Paul), we can also come to you with our mobile services of massage. We truly understand the high-stress environment & unpredictable schedule that is part of the film & TV industry and we cater our services to transport our clients to bliss even amidst production chaos.

Please contact Amy directly for prices and scheduling: amy@tulaspa.com